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  $5,000 – $12,000
  2 to 4 years
  We look beyond credit scores

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We’re here to help. Get in control of your debts, upgrade your family home, or take a holiday escape sooner.

Debt Consolidation

We are focused on helping Aussies reduce their debt load, rather than add to it.

See how our 4-step process can help you get on top of your debts

Australian household debt is growing. As a specialised online lender, we are committed to helping people get out of the debt trap.


We gather as much information as possible about your current situation. This allows us to formulate a loan solution tailored to you.


Within our group of companies, we have access to specialist debt mediators. They will negotiate with your debt providers to reduce the cost of your debt repayments.


Once your mediation is finished, we use your loan solution to pay the discounted settlement amounts to your creditors. Your accounts are finalised quickly.


All loans are rolled into one easy-to-manage loan. You will have affordable repayments, matched to the timing of your income. You now have a set timeframe to work towards clearing the debts which have been dragging you down for so long!

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We loan responsibly.

Some lenders want to give you fast, easy money, regardless of whether you can afford it. LoanU is different. We conduct careful assessments and work with you to build your credit profile.  How? It’s easy.

A New Approach to Online Lending

Look Forward

• We look beyond your credit score
• We take time to understand your circumstances
• We deliver responsible loans personalised for you

No Hidden Fees

• No nasty surprises
• Transparent pricing
• All fees are stated upfront

Repay your Loan Sooner

• Flexible options
• Feel free to repay your loan early
• Only a $50 administration fee to close your account

Borrow Directly from Us

• We write, approve and fund your loan
• No middlemen or fine print
• You can count on us

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