Personalised, affordable loans


At LoanU, we help Australians improve their financial future by providing a second chance at credit. We take the time to understand your circumstances today and don’t focus on bad credit ratings from the past.

We look at your future financial potential and build a personalised loan with you. Imagine consolidating your outstanding debt, clearing overdue bills, or getting your dream car.

Some lenders give you fast, easy money; but lock you into high interest rates, short loan terms and high repayments. LoanU is different; we help you to stay in control. You will know how much you can afford and your exact repayments.

A New Approach to Online Lending

Look Forward

• We look beyond your credit score
• We take time to understand your circumstances
• We deliver responsible loans personalised for you

No Hidden Fees

• No nasty surprises
• Transparent pricing
• All fees are stated upfront

Repay your Loan Sooner

• Flexible options
• Feel free to repay your loan early
• Only a $50 administration fee to close your account

Borrow Directly from Us

• We write, approve and fund your loan
• No middlemen or fine print
• You can count on us

How it Works


Apply online

Complete our easy online loan application. There is no need for printing, signing, scanning, or faxing. We look at the big picture and consider bank statements, employment history and earning potential. Therefore, we can offer you a lending solution, even if your traditional credit store may be low.


Talk to a loan adviser

A dedicated loan advisor will call you to go through your monthly financial budget. You won’t be passed from person to person. After a short phone call, and a successful efficient responsible lending assessment, they will deliver an affordable loan for you. It will be personalised for your circumstances and full financial profile.


Repayments tailored for U

We make it easy for you to plan and budget, by matching repayments to the timing of your income. As part of your application, we make sure your repayments are suitable for your circumstances.

Get started. Talk to a finance specialist today.

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