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Why LoanU?

With nowhere else to go, many hard-working Australians turn to the short-term payday loan trap. Our goal is to help them break this cycle and take back control of their finances.

We are not your everyday lender. We care about rewarding good repayment history, and help our customers get on a path to financial freedom.

Our loans help your clients to:
    • Improve their credit score
    • Save on interest
    • Pay off their loan faster

We are a funding option between payday loans and the banks – a real alternative to high-cost, short term loans.

What are the benefits for your clients?

They are in good hands

We look beyond a credit score. We understand that life events such as sickness, a marriage breakdown or loss of employment can cause financial stress and can negatively affect credit ratings.

That’s why we look at the bigger picture. We carefully assess your clients based on their financial circumstances today, rather than past events.

Help them get back on track

We also reward clients who show a good repayment history. Automatic interest rate reductions are applied at six-month intervals for good payers.

This means your clients pay off their loan sooner and we help them to rebuild their credit profile.

We provide a seamless service

LoanU has a simple online application process. There is no need for printing, signing, scanning or faxing.

If approved, your clients will generally have their funds available within 48 hours and your referral fee will be paid in one easy, online transaction.

LoanU Eligibility:


Acceptable Borrower Type

Individual and joint applicants (maximum of 2 borrowers)
18 years or older
Australian citizens or permanent residents or Visa holders
Holds a current and valid Australian Driver License and Medicare Card
Currently employed with over 50% of their income from employment and non-government benefits (such as Newstart, Austudy/Abstudy or similar)
Resides in Australia with an acceptable, locatable, fixed and verified address

Unacceptable Borrower Type

Full time students with no demonstrated or sustainable income outside of education allowances
Undischarged bankrupts or in a current debt agreement
(Part 9 or 10)
Unemployed or applicants where majority of income is from Newstart, Austudy/Abstudy or similar

What your clients need to apply:

All Applicants

  • 3 months of personal bank statements
    (sourced during application through an online third-party provider)
  • Identification documents including a current Australian Drivers License and Medicare Card

PAYG Applicants

  • Most recent 3 payslips (computerised) showing:
  • Gross and net year to date income
  • Applicant name and employer name

How do I become a referrer with LoanU?

What You Need To Do:

  • Contact us for a copy of our Referrers Agreement.
  • Read and send it back to us.
  • We will send a confirmation of your Agreement Implementation.
  • You will also receive a unique link for your clients to lodge their applications.

The Benefits:

  • Each application you submit is attributed to you.
  • You receive commission payments for every successful application.
  • You receive a monthly performance report.
  • Your payments are made directly to your bank account.
  • It’s quick and easy for you and your clients.
LoanU - Broker Referral

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