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Five smart ways to use your tax refund to get on top of debt

  Tax time is a great opportunity to evaluate your current financial situation, helping enable you to start fresh in the new financial year.      If you’ve received a larger tax refund than you originally expected, this is a great chance to make a...

Everything you need to know about credit default listings

  Simply explained – if you leave a bill of $150 or more unpaid and overdue for 60 days, chances are high that you will find a default listing on your credit report.    Many Australians are in the dark as to what a credit default listing is, let alone...

Is a debt consolidation loan right for you?

  Debt consolidation involves rolling all of your existing debts into one loan. This can be a sensible solution to reducing fees and interest, and managing your repayments.      Taking out credit can be a positive thing, as it allows you to make...

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