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Finding financial freedom after a part nine debt agreement

  Entering into a part nine debt agreement is a serious life decision, but it’s important to remember that many people go on to live a financially successful life after paying off their part nine debt agreement, from owning their own home, to saving and staying...

Five smart ways to use your tax refund to get on top of debt

  Tax time is a great opportunity to evaluate your current financial situation, helping enable you to start fresh in the new financial year.      If you’ve received a larger tax refund than you originally expected, this is a great chance to make a...

Everything you need to know about credit default listings

  Simply explained – if you leave a bill of $150 or more unpaid and overdue for 60 days, chances are high that you will find a default listing on your credit report.    Many Australians are in the dark as to what a credit default listing is, let alone...

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