Loan solutions for U.

We Understand.

Life events such as sickness, loss of employment, a marriage breakdown or circumstances outside of your control, can cause financial stress. These events may have caused you to miss payments in the past, listed defaults and judgements that have adversely affected your credit rating.  We can help you get back on track with convenient and reliable finance.

We Look Forward.

At LoanU we believe in looking beyond your credit score. We look at your future, rather than unfortunate events in your past. You can move forward, without being judged for the “black marks” on your credit report. Our goal is to help you regain control of your finances. We look at your current situation and your changing financial circumstances to create a responsible loan that works for you.

Whether you are expanding your family home or are overwhelmed with a few different debts, we can help you spring into action.

Designed to Help.

We tailor our personal loans to you. Gaining financial freedom is simple and easy with our market leading solutions.

Consolidate any number of debts

Improve your credit profile

Take charge of your finances

Why LoanU?

Look Forward

• We look beyond your credit score
• We take time to understand your circumstances
• We deliver responsible loans personalised for you

No Hidden Fees

• No nasty surprises
• Transparent pricing
• All fees are stated upfront

Repay your Loan Sooner

• Flexible options
• Feel free to repay your loan early
• Only a $50 administration fee to close your account

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